Hey dudes, I'm Brooke. Follow my daily doings on instagram and twitter @brookeisfarout

I'm a marketing consultant for The Center for Creativity and Healing and I do journal workshops around the city. I also founded Camp Kitsch--an art retreat in the making, and I've begun doing creative and design consulting as well (think of it as life coaching that concentrates on art, nature, mindfulness, and the state of your house).

I like: playing school with my kid, things from last century, paper, urban sociology (it's what I went to college for), old sitcoms, Theravada Buddhism, and Mother Earth. When I grow up I want to own an RV.

This blog is about my house, my work, and my hobbies. This blog is not so much about my parenting, my social life, or my husband.

Other works:
I've previously contributed to Four Magazine, Speak Up Magazine, Wow! Goodwill, IndieNC , Farthing CollectiveCLTBlog, and Foam Magazine online. You can also find me selling my scrap packs at the Vintage Charlotte markets.

**The words expressed on this site do not necessarily reflect the ideas or beliefs of The Center for Creativity and Healing, or any other art space, community organization, or program I am affiliated with.**